What next?

Bob Jacobsen

Today is the expected start of building the next test release, normally a big step toward stabilizing a production release before the holiday break. After this, there would be a period of testing a near-final release. The holidays are a period where many modeler railroaders have time for projects, and a new JMRI release can be useful to them, but only if it works well.

But we _still_ have a problem with interpretation of system names. There are users with perfectly reasonable and working panel files who are going to have broken layouts if they update to 4.17.6; if the system name problem is not fixed, there seems to be little point in making a production release. Hence we’re not ready to enter the “minor fixes only” part of the process.

And, having gotten up this morning to work on this, then

- finding that CI is misbehaving _again_ in (IMHO) a completely opaque way

- and in the process of going back through my notes to sort that out, finding that the vast majority of my hobby time for the past two months has been spent on CI and testing problems

I wasn’t in a particularly good mood to start on the name issue. Then, going back further to figure that out, I saw how I’d spent way too much time on sorting that out. And it was all just too much.

So I’m going to take a break. I’ll get my two current PRs through this morning, add an Issue with the test files that identified the current (5th or maybe more!) iteration of the system-name-conversion-problem and then go do other stuff for a week or two.

See you all later.


Bob Jacobsen