Type letters are running out


Do we have a plan for handling the situation when there are no more letters in the alphabet for more device type letters?

The current list of device type letters, including the not used letters, and including work in progress is as follows:

A Audio
B Block
C Strings (PR #8645)
D iDentity
F signal system
F signal mast
G signal Group
H signal Head
J (Possible servomotor, an AnalogIO that controls another AnalogIO)
L Light
M Memory
N eNtry/exit destination points
O rOutes
P Power manager
Q LogixNG (Work in progress)
R Reporters
S Sensors
T Turnout
V AnalogIO (PR #8645)
W Warrant
X logiX
Y sections
Z transit

Of these, letters C and V are in PR #8645, Q is work in progress (LogixNG).

Letter J is an idea I have about an AnalogIO that uses another AnalogIO (for example VariableLight) as a servo motor. The issue with a servo motor is that it takes some time to go from A to B, so for the ServoMotor bean, after setting commanded value, it would take some time for the actual value to be the same. This is useful for when the hardware doesn't have feedback. The letter J may be a symbol of the arm and the bucket of an excavator or a crane.

This means that there are four letters left for use: E, I, K, U.

The driving force for my focus on AnalogIO and StringIO is that LogixNG has full support for them, for example for controlling cranes. So we might hit the ceiling with the device letters.

Do we have any plan for handling this?