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Bob Jacobsen

I think 4.19.9 is as far as we need to go on fixes toward 4.20(.0), particularly if we’d be able to issue a 4.20.1 when/if needed.

So I propose the next steps are:

- Build 4.20 and set it up for release in the middle of this coming week

- In parallel, start the steps to convert to the update/minor/major release system, aiming for a (mostly-)minor 4.21.1 release next weekend. (See the migration section at the bottom of )

It’ll probably take a few trips through the infrastructure to make the changes. The jmri.Version, Jenkins, et al handling of release names is particularly convoluted, so it might take a couple passes. We should have the _mechanics_ sorted out in a week or two.

But I’m very concerned that we don’t have a consensus about what major, minor and updates changes are and when/how we should publish a new release of each of them. This will have been a lot of pointless work if we can’t make those distinctions properly; it’ll be counter-productive for the JMRI group if it becomes a long-term source of arguments.

Could somebody please write a first draft of that?


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I think the fix for issue #8742 also needs to be included.

Dave Sand

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I’ve created a release-4.19.9 branch with PRs #8740 and #8749

Is that it for 4.19.9, i.e. can I go ahed and start making files?


Bob Jacobsen


2020-07-03 20:31 skrev Bob Jacobsen:
Could somebody please write a first draft of that?
A shoot from the hip:

PR #8775