New icons for VoltMeterFrame/AmpMeterFrame?


I'm close to finish my work on split MultiMeter into Meter and as part of that, I'm replacing VoltMeterFrame/AmpMeterFrame with a common MeterFrame which can handle any VoltageMeter or CurrentMeter. The user may select which meter he wants to see in the frame and the user can control the display better, for example by selecting the number of decimal digits and by selecting between microVolt/milliVolt/Volt/kiloVolt and between microAmpere/milliAmpere/Ampere/kiloAmpere.

If someone wonder why someone may want to display kiloVolt on a model railroad:
Some user might create a voltage meter that returns the full scale voltage instead of the measured voltage, for example for a Swedish model railroad, the full DCC voltage of 16 volt would result in a 16 kilo volt measurement and a DCC voltage of 8 volt would result in a 8 kilo volt measurement, just for the fun of it. (Swedish railroads have 16 kilo volt in the overhead catenary.

So I would need the icons uV, uA, kV, kA.

Is anyone able to create those icons to me? I tried, but my result was not black/white, as the current icons are.

I was able to create the milliVolt icon by copy-and-paste so I have the icons mV, mA, V and A.

The icons are located in resources/icons/misc/LCD.


Bob M.

(unless someone else speaks up before I do,) I'll create these
not-yet-available icons:
uA, mA, kA
uV, mV, KV

Bob M.

Bob M.

I've submitted with the six new

Bob M.