Building JMRI 4.17.4

Bob Jacobsen

Our normal schedule for JMRI 4.17.4 has it building this weekend, typically starting late today or tomorrow. I’m a bit behind on some day-job stuff, so would like to do the build Sunday evening.

Is that OK with people?

We have a large backlog of un-merged PRs. I’ve just worked through restarting some AppVeyor and Travis runs, but there’s a few more things that need help:

- There were several PRs where I couldn’t tell whether the conversation had converged. If people _had_ concerns about PRs, could you please add a comment on whether they’ve been addressed or not so the PR status is clear?

- There are quite a few WIP PRs, some quite old. Could people please add a comment to their WIP PRs, particularly those more than a few weeks old, on their status and likely trajectory?

Thank you

Bob Jacobsen