DecoderPro panel cleanup (was: Re: [jmri-developers] Preview: DecoderPro)

Svata Dedic

Dne 21. 10. 19 v 12:58 Dave Heap napsal(a):
Note the "in a later phase".
The two phases seem to have morphed into one and that was not my understanding of your original proposal.
OK :) So let's focus on the refactoring first (changed subject to match the content). I'll discuss the "layout" stuff in the original thread.

There were actually TWO of them all the time:
- "just refactoring" (
- "alignment, spacing" (

_spaces is based on the _split one, all "refactoring" changes should end up in "_split".

Pls. give me a some time (hope today) to cherrypick the bugfixes to the appropriate branch.

Note that it is possible, that the internal API will change as usual when first one of two "users" (new divergent implementations) are written against it.