Status colors vs icons in DecoderPro I

Svata Dedic


Just a correction - from your response I feel I didn't express my thoughts well.

I was not going to suggest to *move away* from colors. Or to *abandon* high-saturation scheme. The rough idea was to allow for *additional* and *opt-int* behaviour - somehow combine in Randall's requirement. Do not expect the suggestions to be super-bright.


BTW thanks, please keep explaining since some points allowed me to recall almost forgotten things, and also industrial/railway context here is almost certainly different from yours. Some associations are good to keep.

Dne 05. 10. 19 v 1:55 Bob Jacobsen napsal(a):

2) JMRI is not a word processor. It’s more like a process control system. As such, certain user expectations (which mostly come from document-related UIs) make sense, and others don’t. Coloring to represent status of controls and values has a _long_ and well-understood history in process control. It predates computer screens (here’s where I’d embed a picture of a 60’s process panel, see item 1) but has lasted through them to even now (would embed another picture). I think a unified methodology for presenting the status underlying values is fine, having common code is great, but not being in some set of HI-specification docs is _not_ sufficient reason to move away from color as a way of indicating actionable status (and, yes, I’m am very color blind).