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JMRI Developers
This group is for coordinating work on software development (code writing, design, testing, documentation, infrastructure, ...) for the JMRI project ( ). Everybody willing to contribute effort to those activities is welcome to join and contribute. If you just have questions about JMRI, those are better asked on the JMRI Users group ( ). They are off topic here. Source code available on GitHub ( )
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Subgroups You Can Join

  • JMRI auto-builder reports
    Messages from automated builds
    3 Members, 364 Topics, Public Archives, Last Post:
  • JMRI commit log
    Details of commits to main repository
    3 Members, 4598 Topics, Public Archives, Last Post:
  • JMRI Core Developers
    Subgroup for more detailed discussion on JMRI code. Restricted to committers to the JMRI code
    2 Members, 0 Topics, Public Archives, Restricted