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Quite right, Bob...

"Signaling" would be pronounced sig-nail-ing....

Even this iPad knows the correct spelling :-)

On 5 Sep 2020, at 16:13, Bob Jacobsen <@BobJacobsen> wrote:

TLDR: Everything, even help with spelling, is a contribution.

A perhaps interesting anecdote:

As background, I’m not a native speaker of American English. (I grew up in New York) My grammar and spelling had weerd^H^H^H^H^Hwierd^H^H^H^H^Hstrange things baked in early.

When JMRI was very young (and I was much younger than now), I made the mistake of presenting a clinic at an NMRA National Convention about JMRI's most recently added features. I recognized a couple of Well Known Model Railroaders, even Authoritative Authors in the audience.

The title on the second slide was “New Signalling Methods”. I was just getting started on the slide when an Authoritative Author With A Column In A Big Magazine sitting in the 2nd or 3rd row said “Signaling is spelled with one el. You should have known that”. Before I could get over my flabbergast, Lloyd Lehrer (a _very_ nice guy) said “That’s the British spelling!”, and the clinic could go on.

Afterwards, somebody (I wish I could remember who) told me that I should consider the AWACIABM’s comment his contribution to JMRI: he “helped with signaling”. And that somebody was right: Even getting your spelling corrected in public is a step toward a better JMRI!

Though I still tend to spell that word with two els.


Bob Jacobsen

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