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Nice one JerryG.

I’m forever fixing spelling errors in the code-base at work (canceled/cancelled) seems to be a favourite - even seen it in an ENUM Yikes!

BTW all our coders are English so ‘color’ should never appear.... but does 😞

On 5 Sep 2020, at 07:51, whmvd <vandoornw@...> wrote:

Hi Jerry,

Fun. And great examples of easy-to-correct mistakes, as global search/replace will do well with these. Trickier are things like the possessive apostrophe. A construction like "train's" can be wrong (as a plural) or right (as a possessive) and only deeply intelligent correction software will get this 100% right. I've not encountered such intelligence in spelling checkers I've seen (or humans I've met). Trickier still: the differences between English and American usage (let's not go there...!).

But just fixing the low-hanging fruit would already be a very good thing!


On Sat, 5 Sep 2020 at 05:14, JerryG via <> wrote:

The recent introduction of a misspelling in a page I authored (accidental, I’m sure) caused me to look at some common misspellings and whether they occur in the JMRI repository. I know we all have bigger issues to deal with, but I thought this might be of some minor interest (or at least take your mind off that latest Java exception you've been trying to track down). I found several lists of commonly misspelled words and here are the results from the JMRI repository:

Correct spelling use: Incorrect spelling use:

Separate. 1184. Seperate. 34

Necessary 876. Neccessary. 11

Independent 762. Independant . 0

Dependent 127. Dependant. 24

Warrant 358 Warrent 5

Occurred 96. Occured. 10

Occurrence 12. Occurence. 2

Occurring 9. Occuring. 2

Definitely 18. Definately. 0

Definite 7. Definate. 1

Accommodate 5. Accomodate. 3

Aside from one or two interesting sociological observations (we all know how to spell “independent” - and use it a lot - but a quarter of us don’t do so well on “dependent”), and the fact that some of these are no doubt introduced "inadvertently" (5 uses, 1 with "ant" instead of "ent"), I’m sure we all want JMRI to have correct spelling, certainly as seen by our users. While most of the misspellings I found occur in "comments" (1667 uses, 2 missing an "m"), there are a few that made their way into method or variable names or public error messages. But then, this is all quite understandable as there are some English words that are just spelled "weird" (20 uses, 3 with "ie").

Just "something" (930 uses, all correct) to ponder on this Labor Day (US) weekend. Enjoy, and stay safe!


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