Re: Split MultiMeter into VoltageMeter and AmpereMeter


Note that if talking about mixing things, you are already doing it...

(Electrical) Current is measured in Amps (Amperes).
Potential Difference (PD) or Electromotive Force (EMF) is measured in Volts.

Amperage and Voltage are common interpretations of those; but you shouldn’t mix ‘Current’ and ‘Voltage’....

Just being picky, but if you are only going to do this once... 😊

On 22 Aug 2020, at 22:22, danielb987 <db123@...> wrote:


Yes, "Meter" can be removed.

I'm not so sure that it would be good if these names reflect the local language setting. I think the system names should not depend on language unless the user choose that. But it may be a good idea to set a default user name that depends on the current language setting.

The reason for using Voltage and Current is that jmri.Multimeter uses that. But also because we are primary interested in the subject, not in the unit. For example if I talk about how long it's between London and Paris, I talk about the distance, not about the kilometres or miles.

Central unit could be CU, but then we get names like MVCUVoltage and I think it will make it too hard for people to understand what it is. I would probably never have figured it out by myself.

* MVCentralUnitVoltage
* MVCentralUnitCurrent

* DVCentralUnitVoltage
* DVCentralUnitCurrent

* LVCentralUnitVoltage
* LVCentralUnitCurrent

* XVCentralUnitVoltage
* XVCentralUnitCurrent

Proper user names in english could be "Central Unit Voltage Meter" and "Central Unit Current Meter", and that these user names depends on the current language when created.


2020-08-22 18:39 skrev Ken Cameron:
Got it, just default names. I'm not sure if being as verbose (long name) is
needed. Like is calling that value a meter really add much, you know it is a
value. Then I'd suggest that Amp instead of Current as that is a normal
measurement unit like Volt. CentralUnit seems a bit long but don't have a
good idea for other names. You may want to consider that these would be
string constants, should they reflect the local language setting? It seems
that an abbreviation is more accepted across languages than full names. Just
thinking aloud here but consideration of the language issue seems worth some
-Ken Cameron, Member JMRI Dev Team

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