Re: Find some consensus

Randall Wood <rhwood@...>

Regarding blocking a PR by requesting changes, and requiring that PRs not have changes requested before merging: it's possible for an owner to override that and merge anyways.

Regarding indicating a PR is ready to merge: it is an assumption built into the GitHub model that PRs are ready to merge unless otherwise indicated (i.e. by using WIP in the title, failing a CI check, does not contain sufficient approving reviews), so we do not need any other markers that a PR is ready to merge.

Regarding the use of labels: special privileges are required to set labels, so we can’t depend on their use by new or occasional contributors, so I would avoid using them in any workflow at this time.

On 25-Jul-2020, at 23:07, Paul Bender <paul.bender@...> wrote:

On Jul 25, 2020, at 9:42 PM, danielb987 <db123@...> wrote:

Ok. I see what you mean. I approve your changes and I withdraw my suggestion.
Your suggestion is a good one, I just don’t have any ideas on how disputes of this nature should be handled.

I am open to ideas.


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