Re: Find some consensus


Ok. I see what you mean. I approve your changes and I withdraw my suggestion.


2020-07-26 02:41 skrev Paul Bender:

On 7/25/20 6:10 PM, danielb987 wrote:
I agree with the changes.
As I wrote in the PR, I suggest an additional point in the section
"Merging a PR":
If there are a review requesting changes, but the author and the
reviewer cannot resolve their dispute, then ????????
Note: I write question marks since I'm not sure how this should be
I am not either and I am especially not sure what to do when your
dispute is with one of the projects owners, or worse that a dispute is
between two of the project owners.  There are currently 5 of them,
though only 2 have really been active in any way in the last several years.
A dispute with one of the owners over a PR is at least in part what
started this thread in the first place, and I don't want to go down that
path again.

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