Re: Find some consensus


I agree with the changes.

As I wrote in the PR, I suggest an additional point in the section "Merging a PR":
If there are a review requesting changes, but the author and the reviewer cannot resolve their dispute, then ????????

Note: I write question marks since I'm not sure how this should be handled.

I agree with @rhwood that some PRs should never be merged, for different reasons, but I'm also concerned if a single reviewer can veto a PR that the rest of us wants to be merged.


2020-07-25 20:53 skrev Paul Bender:

Just to get this back on the right thread,
Daniel asked in another thread if I would get us a starting point for
the conversation on rules for PR reviews.
It turns out we already have a page documenting the PR merging process
we should be following. The existing page is here:
I opened a PR to update that page with the items we have been
discussing about The PR approval process:
Please comment here about the changes suggested.

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