Merge other developers PRs?


Since Bob Jacobsen focuses on his signalling project which he deserves to do, it seems that there is no one merging other developers PRs at the moment.

I'm afraid that the result is a big buildup of unmerged PRs waiting to be merged, with all the problems that may bring with it, for example collissions between PRs.

I'm not a maintainer so I can't merge PRs, but I think we should deal with it before we get too many unmerged PRs.

I suggest that authors that have PRs ready to be merged writes a note in the PR: "This PR is ready to be merged", in order to help maintainers to see which PRs is ready to merge.

I also suggest that the maintainers step up and review PRs marked as ready to be merged. If you want my review on PRs, feel free to ask, either here in this thread or in the PR itself. I'm @danielb987 on Github.


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