Re: Find some consensus


2020-07-21 07:55 skrev Paul Bender:
I think it's important that nobody has the right to veto a PR for this to work.
The mechanics of this may not work, at least not using the built in tools.
I think we need to have a plan on how to handle disagreements. If someone creates a PR and I disagree with it and do a bad review, but several others believe that this PR should be merged anyway, there should be a way for the group to override my judgement.

One way to do that could be that if a PR has a bad review that veto the PR, but two other reviewers approves the PR, the author or one of the reviewers could request that one of the maintainers of JMRI merges the PR despite the bad review. If there are two or three maintainers that always could merge a PR despite a bad review, and the group knows who the maintainers are, that could work.

I think it's reasonable that Bob Jacobsen has the right to veto and I believe most of the group agrees with that, but I think no one else except Bob should have veto and I think it's important to have that clearly expressed. And if the group thinks that Bob J should have right to veto, I think that should also be clearly expressed.


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