Re: Maven recompiles every time, even when code has not been changed


Yes. See PR #8820 that fixes this package-file.

It's ready to be merged once CI passes.


2020-07-10 21:08 skrev Bob Jacobsen:

Lots of files end with something like:
* @see jmri.managers
* @see jmri.implementation
// include empty DefaultAnnotation to avoid excessive recompilation
package jmri;
But java/src/apps/jmrit/ doesn’t. Does adding that
fix this case?

On Jul 10, 2020, at 12:05 PM, danielb987 <db123@...> wrote:
I think I have a simple solution to both the problem of finding the problematic java file and the problem about checking it in CI:
If I do a:
mvn clean compile
and then a:
mvn -X compile | grep "Stale source detected"
I get the line:
[DEBUG] Stale source detected: /home/daniel/Dokument/GitHub/JMRI/java/src/apps/jmrit/
So if we add a test to CI that does:
mvn clean compile
mvn -X compile | grep "Stale source detected" > check_stale_source.txt
we should have the file "check_stale_source.txt" empty. If it isn't, we can print it and let CI to fail.
2020-07-10 20:12 skrev Randall Wood via
.class files are the result of compiling the project and are not
checked into code. It is not a compilation error that a .java file
does not result in a .class file (nor is it a compilation error that a
.java file compiles multiple .class files). It does however, make it
really difficult for a build tool to determine that sources are
compiled and current (especially since we also derive .java sources to
compile from other sources).
How it gets fixed depends entirely on what the source is supposed to be.
On Jul 10, 2020, at 13:44, danielb987 <db123@...> wrote:
I have this problem with JMRI master.
Is there a way to see which java files that don't have any class file? And how do I fix it?
It would be great if a check that ensures that every java file has a class file is added to CI so that a developer would be notified about it before a PR is merged into master.
2020-07-10 19:27 skrev Randall Wood via
Some .java source has no corresponding .class file after compilation.
On Jul 10, 2020, at 13:18, danielb987 <db123@...> wrote:
I have the problem that every time I run maven, it tells "Changes detected - recompiling the module!" and recompiles everything, even if no changes are done to the code.
If I run:
mvn test -Dtest=jmri.jmrit.beantable.LogixTableActionTest
and when it's done, run the same command again without changing anything:
mvn test -Dtest=jmri.jmrit.beantable.LogixTableActionTest
it still say "Changes detected - recompiling the module!". This happens both when I run maven from NetBeans and when I run maven from the command line.
I have tried "ant realclean" but it makes no difference.
Any idea of what is wrong?

Bob Jacobsen

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