Re: LocoNet slot manager - how much can it do?


"...JMRI does not act as a LocoNet-based command station..."

Surely if it did (and I'm thinking of the MERG Command Station here) it would have to output a DCC stream ready to [be boosted] and applied to the tracks...???

Getting a DCC stream out of a lap/desk top PC would be an issue.... Maybe not so much so for a RasPi.

Regards, Dave

On Wednesday, 11 March 2020, 13:27:56 GMT, Bob M. <jawhugrps@...> wrote:


JMRI's Slot Monitor is just that - a tool which _monitors_, as best as it
can, the state of the command station's Slots, based on the LocoNet traffic
that it sees.

JMRI does not act as a LocoNet-based command station.  In order to make it
do so, you would effectively have to implement some or all of the logic of a
command station in JAVA, depending on exactly what functionality you desire.

You are not the first person to suggest that JMRI include some sort of
LocoNet command station functionality, and you likely will not be the last.
Unless you, or someone you find, decides that it is important enough to
actually develop the functionality.


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