Re: Capital letters in html file and directory names in Help system


AFAIK, as a general rule, Linux is [nearly always] case-sensitive, whereas Windows never is (that is, I’ve yet to see where it is...)

If JMRI website is running on Linux (it almost certainly is), that might explain it....

On 17 Jan 2020, at 20:58, JerryG via Groups.Io <jerryg2003@...> wrote:

Just found out (the hard way) that capital letters matter in naming files in our Help system. When browsing on the web, for example, is found but change “index” to “Index” (or other caps in the URL) and it gets a “Not found.”  An important distinction for someone to know when they are editing help files in our repository and setting up links to other files...

Do we have a rule for which directories and files are capitalized in which way and which are not? Most directory are lower case and most files are upper case, but there are many of each in our Github repository.  Will this distinction go away for JMRI at some point?  
Thanks, Jerry

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