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I just happened to notice in DP decoder list there was two listings for same make, "DCCconcepts" and "DCC Concepts", extra space and change in capitalization.  The first one's tool tip was CV8 = 36 while the other was CV8 = null.  I changed the mfg tag in xml file to match the name as in NMRA.xml file.  All's Ok now here.

Looked at tooltips of all makes and found some others that where null:
"Kato" changed to "KATO Precision Models" ID 40
"PdP" changed to "PpP Digital" ID 74
"Team Digital" changed to "Team Digital, LLC"  ID 25
"Wekomm" changed to "Wekomm Engineering, GmbH"  ID 86
That all was fine.

The one giving me trouble is
"MGP" changed to "Möllehem Gårdsproduktion"
Googled "Möllehem Gårdsproduktion" found their web site and product seem to match names in DP and the web uses the MGP abbreviation.
Changed the xml files and the make in DP is "Möllehem Gårdsproduktion" but it still shows null for CV8.  Probably because of the non-English characters in the name.  On Windows 7 set to US and Notepad++ I copied the text from NMRA.xml to the definition xml file, but still it does not see the mfg as being ID 126.  Perhaps someone with more multi language aware computer/editor needs to make the change or maybe the Java code is not as multi language aware as it needs to be?  May not really matter thou, since the products from that manufacturer appear to be things not likely to be programmed on program track and therefore not going to need to be determined via Read type from decoder button.  Should I submit the xml files changed to "Möllehem Gårdsproduktion" or just leave "MGP"?

Also there's Harman-DIY (null) and Harman DCC (98), while similar names not sure if same make or not, so did not make any changes here.

I did check, changing the mfg name does not affect the ability to open an existing roster entry saved under the old name.

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