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We “have to” use VSTS (Microsoft’s GIT implementation) at work, and all I can say is:
Come back SubVersioN all is forgiven!!

GIT makes things MUCH harder to do than they should be, and throws-up the dreaded ‘conflict’ message a million times where SVN would just get on with it and merge...

I hate it with a vengeance 😡😡😡

On 2 Jan 2020, at 19:24, Andrew Crosland <andrew@...> wrote:

That seems the easy way in GitHub Desktop :) Thanks for the other suggestions though.

The slightly strange thing is I am sure GHD fetches origin by itself sometimes. I have seen the spinning icon for Fetch origin indicating it's doing something when I first open the tool. When I went back to the tool after reading Daniel's reply it was reporting "last fetched 7 minute ago", or something similar so it definitely seems to have done an automatic fetch since my first attempt to merge. I couldn't find anything in the help but there are a few github issues against GHD in relation to this.

Maybe those 7 commits happened between me opening the desktop and merging.

Anyway, all is well now, after manually merging with the "Fetch Origin" button.


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Try merge upstream/master into your branch again.

Next time you want to merge, click on the button "Fetch origin" before mergin upstream/master into your branch. Each time you click on "Fetch origin", GitHub Desktop will check if there is new commits on the server on the upstream/master branch.


2020-01-02 19:38 skrev Andrew Crosland:
I have a small issue.

Using GitHub desktop on Windows.

I merged from upstream/master into my branch, committed my local
changes and pushed to my remote.

Now, on I see I am X commits ahead but 7 commits behind
JMRI:master. Should I not be just ahead, having merged from

I originally (pre-4.18) branched from upstream master. Is this
something to do with development v release branches, or the master
being locked?

Do I just need to be patient?


Andrew Crosland


Andrew Crosland

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