Re: A 4.17.5ish commit has made LRoute edits unable to be saved

Dave Sand


Issue #7504 has the details on a larger problem that also affects Logix in general and Sensor Groups which use Logix.

Dave Sand

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From: Pete Cressman <pete_cressman@...>
Subject: Re: [jmri-developers] A 4.17.5ish commit has made LRoute edits unable to be saved
Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 12:26 AM

I have to bail out on this (having spent the whole afternoon and getting zilch).

Problem 1 was 'git bisect' looking for jmri.lib.jinputvalidator-0.8.0.jar when running earlier versions (jmri.lib.jinputvalidator-0.6.0.jar was there, it seems 0.8.0 gets replaced) - so I can't pinpoint a precise commit.

Problem 2 was my understanding of DefaultConditionalManager/AbstractManager handling of register/deregister when "conditionalWhereUsed" is involved.

I can say after editing a conditional, everything is fine with the changes while the session continues.  However, at the store in DefaultConditionalManagerXml, the conditionals returned by cm.getNamedBeanSet() no longer have any of the edited conditionals present. (can't find how they get deregistered)

Sorry , but this is beyond my debugging ability.

On Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 07:49:51 AM PDT, Bob Jacobsen <rgj1927@...> wrote:

If you have a particular set of the code (I.e. v4.17.4) that works and one that doesn’t (i.e. master), you can use `git bisect` to really rapidly find the commit that made the difference.


> On Oct 14, 2019, at 6:52 PM, Pete Cressman <pete_cressman@...> wrote:
> After editing an LRoute Initializer, any save panel operation removes all settings.  Saves are OK on 4.17.4 and previous releases.
> This must be an inadvertent error and although it's hard to resolve a negative question, if no one thinks its their commit,
> I will look into it.
> Pete
> (waiting for no one's answer)


Bob Jacobsen

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