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Bob Jacobsen

On the first, I expect that the original graphical intent was just what it appears to be: To make the top of the page look cleaner. A quick check of git shows that this happened in 2003, long before grid layout was available. Moving it now to use grid would certainly be cleaner.

I don’t know anything in particular about the Zimo example, though it also dates to before there was a grid layout. Many of the Zimo files were contributed by somebody who didn’t quite understand the use of indirection to use standard layout, so they have extensive use of embedded panes.


On Oct 13, 2019, at 4:30 AM, Svata Dedic <svatopluk.dedic@...> wrote:


I wonder why some DecoderPro panes are laid out in the particular way - what was the "intent" - maybe expressed bad, maybe broke over the time.

* first column extends across full height of the panel
* there's <dccaddress> and <label> in the first rows of the first column
* the second column starts with two empty labels.

This seems as if the autor attempted to align the first visible item at the same Y position as the "Short address" display item; but given each Column is separate this can't work, as <dccadress> has different height from a plain label.

What was the original "graphical" intent ?

The panel decoders/zimo/PaneAltFunctionMap8.xml (and others, too):
* work witha a table Function output / Function key;
* use row+column to laid out content
* use SPACES to aligh texts

Why is that ? If the intended "style" is a table, why <grid> is not used to place rows, columns and checkboxes ? Why textual space is used to position - align ... with a variable-pitch dialog font, the idea makes no sense at all (?)

Was the original intent different than table, or is there a behaviour difference between grid and a regular row + column layout ?


Bob Jacobsen

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