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Bob Jacobsen

People don’t have to use any particular Git setup for JMRI. We recommend that one for beginners because some people think it’s easier for beginners, but there are certainly other approaches.

Another one is to use separate remote settings explicitly. I’ve seen a couple examples:

- have origin point at GitHub JMRI/JMRI so “git full origin” does an update; have a separate remote called ‘mine’ pointing to your own GitHub repot and use ‘git push mine’ when something is ready for PR (Not and IDE recommendation for people who have authority to push to JMRI/JMRI, because it’s easy to make a mistake)

- or flip that, with a remote called ‘origin’ pointing to your own, and a remote called ‘main’ pointing to JMRI/JMRI. (This one tends to cause people to be working well behind head, because they forget to do timely “git pull main” operations)

Lots of ways to do this….


On Oct 13, 2019, at 5:41 AM, Bob M. <jawhugrps@...> wrote:

In my experience, Netbeans' GIT support is full-featured, but DOES NOT work well in a "triangular" repository situation as is recommended in JMRI's GIT help.

What I saw was that Netbeans would _CHANGE_ the local repository's "remote" setting for "push" to match the setting for the "remote" "pull". This effectively bypassed the personal github repository.
Bob Jacobsen

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