Layout of some panes

Svata Dedic


I wonder why some DecoderPro panes are laid out in the particular way - what was the "intent" - maybe expressed bad, maybe broke over the time.

* first column extends across full height of the panel
* there's <dccaddress> and <label> in the first rows of the first column
* the second column starts with two empty labels.

This seems as if the autor attempted to align the first visible item at the same Y position as the "Short address" display item; but given each Column is separate this can't work, as <dccadress> has different height from a plain label.

What was the original "graphical" intent ?

The panel decoders/zimo/PaneAltFunctionMap8.xml (and others, too):
* work witha a table Function output / Function key;
* use row+column to laid out content
* use SPACES to aligh texts

Why is that ? If the intended "style" is a table, why <grid> is not used to place rows, columns and checkboxes ? Why textual space is used to position - align ... with a variable-pitch dialog font, the idea makes no sense at all (?)

Was the original intent different than table, or is there a behaviour difference between grid and a regular row + column layout ?


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