Re: Status colors vs icons in Decoder Pro II

Svata Dedic

Dne 10. 10. 19 v 0:37 Bob Jacobsen napsal(a):
I’m still not certain what you mean by “validity” vs “state” which keeps coming up, could you amplify that point please?
Randall has developed a web-like border - works for JTextFields well at this moment - that dislays feedback "OK-waring-error" within textfield's border. Can be seen in New Turnout dialog - attached picture.

DecoderPro does not use (yet!) these, but should - IMHO this is better than auto-correction in DecoderPro, as the use see what he did wrong and can do better next time.
<decval/> entries can be constrained to min/max and turned to spinners, but there are still some CVs with more complex rules.

Suppose 'state' _icons_ would be used to amplify colors used by DecoderPro:

1/ Consider an edit box (i.e. some PWM, where min/max setting is not a sufficient restriction) that displays "warning" (value out of range) AND an icon that represents the edited/file/stored state at the same time
Not an usual thing, so I would prefer, especially if the icons are next to each other.

2/ the 'invalid' icon (incorrect user entry in field) actually prevents operations on the dialog. 'stored state' icon is 'just' indicator.

IMHO it's better to stick to the desktop/web behaviour that an icon next to control "means problems" - least surprise. Colors except red are not perceived as "problem" usually.


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