Re: DecoderPro panel cleanup

Svata Dedic

Dne 09. 10. 19 v 18:26 Bob Jacobsen napsal(a):
Happy to help with this! That code was created a long time ago, in part by agglomerating three separate programs, one of which was written in C++-transmogrified-to-Java, so it really is a mess.
Perfect. The refactored code is

I am not sure what is the best path to proceed; on one hand, I'd like to propagate the refactored code to master to clean up things.

On other hand, I am almost sure that when adding GroupLayout alternative, the internal API changes a bit - as always as when plugging a completely different style. So from this perspective it's better to "consolidate" the code in a branch for a while.

With the layout changes, I'd like to address:
- bad alignment. DecoderPro dialogs are complex - so labels ought be right-aligned to allow quick top-down scan for the desired entry
- bad width: controls in the same 'group' (that's usually a <column>) should have the same width to avoid "scattered" feeling.
- bad spacing: most L&F mandate at least 6 or 8 pixels between adjacent input lines (controls)

As I looked into XMLs, there are a lot of _common_ stuff, but redefined in many decoders with slightly different wording; should be unified.

... and there are even more weird ideas ;)


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