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Bob Jacobsen

There are a _lot_ of different ways in JMRI to drive outputs. As Steve mentioned, Lights in the Light Table drives outputs in a slightly different way than Turnouts; I’ve also seen people use two-aspect SignalHeads to drive panel lamps. Wouldn’t surprise me if there were others. That’s just a result of people using their tools to do what they want: Sometimes it’s just really convenient to hit a screw with a hammer.

What _might_ be worthwhile is an _additional_ Output Table that contains a set of very simple Output objects. Turnouts and Lights have some complicated behaviors and options that can, sometimes, be seen as getting in the way.

Before Dave Duchamp created Lights, there was a vestigial Output concept, in addition to Turnouts, in a couple systems. Lights was such a clear advance, completely coded, that it really caught on right away and filled the “but Turnout isn’t quite right for want I want to do” ecological niche.


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I read recently on the MERG forum:
“The turnout table is used for outputs from JMRI, in addition to just turnouts.”

Isn’t it, therefore, time that item was renamed?
Bob Jacobsen

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