Re: Multithreading question

Svata Dedic

Dne 04. 10. 19 v 8:22 danielb987 napsal(a):
                ThreadingUtil.runOnGUI(() -> {
If it is absolutely necessary for the executed code to (potentially) block the GUI thread... (sorry don't know the intended use, perhaps UI feedback is provided)

public class ExecuteLock {
    private boolean lock = false;
    private boolean again = false;
1/ In a situation, when object.execute() recursively execute()s AND an external thread ALSO execute()s (tries to) before current execution completes, object.execute() will be run just once more. Is that according to your requirements ?

2/ Rigidly, the object job's execution is determined at the monitor exit in loop(). If by a chance a contending thread attempts to execute() in between monitor exit in loop() and actual object.execute() start within GUI thread, an additional object.execute() will run. OK ?

3/ If the thread, that (initializes ConditionNG ?) assigns `object' could be different from *first* thread that enters execute(), either declare `object' final, or have at least one ExecuteLock's monitor exit on the thread that assigns `object' before any execution can reach execute().


Nitpick: if the guard will be exposed as API, consider renaming get() to something like once(), single(). In the API case, I'd consider to implement j.u.concurrent.Executor, if possible.

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