Re: Listing usable NamedBeans


"if the number of entries becomes huge the whole thing just starts looking silly".

Removing un-selectable items seems like a sensible approach, in order to keep the list 'clean',
but being able to verify they exist might be useful too.

How about a 'Show All Items' / 'Include Unavailable Items' tick-box next to the drop-down?

Dave Radcliffe

On Tuesday, 4 June 2019, 07:58:14 BST, whmvd <vandoornw@...> wrote:

Not convinced that one size will fit all in all circumstances. On the one hand, the simple fact that an entry is there but disabled is a good hint for the user that the entry exists (relief!) but is not relevant in the context (surprise! User starts thinking and does not call for support), and on the other if the number of entries becomes huge the whole thing just starts looking silly.

In short, I'm sure there will be valid use cases for both methods, and enforcing one over the other will not always be a helpful thing to do. More important: programming guidelines as to when to use which.


On Tue, 4 Jun 2019 at 03:19, Randall Wood via Groups.Io <> wrote:
JMRI presents two different ways of listing usable NamedBeans in a popup menu selector for a single NamedBean. For the sake of consistency there should be only one; the question is which?

The two methods are:
1. list only usable NamedBeans, not showing unusable NamedBeans
2. list all NamedBeans, showing unusable NamedBeans as disabled (in a different color)

“Usability" of a NamedBean is situational. For example, a SignalHead is usable when creating a SignalMast if the SignalHead is not already associated with another SignalMast.

Which of the above two methods should be used?

I am inclined to method #1 since it seems hiding items in a list of like items is the recommended UX (note that hiding commands is not recommended UX).

Note: since the implementing class for these lists is the same class (which class is completely irrelevant to this design question), those two could be mixed as well, but I am I not considering the possibility of that.


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